It’ll all work out in the end.

Dear Believer,⁣

You’ve been questioning whether you can do it. Whether you are strong enough to take this path. Whether your belief in this religion is enough to carry you through. Whether you can put up with the racism, the corrupted culture, the backbiting, and politics.⁣

Whether this Ramadan is going to be like every other. A month of hunger, dinner parties, and standing at night when you have work in the morning. ⁣

Whether you really are deserving of the forgiveness, the mercy, and the massive amount of reward that is waiting for you.⁣

You’re questioning whether things are going to work out, with your family, your spouse, your children, your studies, your best friend, and those relatives you keep having issues with.⁣

Whether you’re going to find the money to get through this challenging time that you’re in. Whether you’ll get into the school that you want, or whether you’ll ever get another opportunity like the last. ⁣

You are caught thinking of whether everything will work out and I just want you to know…⁣

It will.⁣

It all will.⁣

It will because you have an amazing Lord; A protector that wants nothing but your success in this life and the next.⁣

Everything that happens to you is for a reason, and that reason is to bring you closer to Him.⁣

There will be difficult times…⁣

but in that difficulty there is ease. ⁣

He has placed in everything beauty, and once you get through the ugliness, you’ll be blinded by the splendor.⁣

And don’t ever forget that there was a man that would stand until his feet swoll, thinking not of himself, or his own family, or his own city and direct followers, but of you.⁣

Yes, he was thinking of you beloved.⁣

You who at times feel worthless, who feels miserable with your situation, who at times thinks that you have disappointed God and His messenger. Or that you don’t even have a relationship with them to begin with.⁣

Know that he stood, bowed, and prostrated thinking of you. ⁣

A man who was the embodiment of perfection, who was the beloved of God, who was brought up to the heavens and gifted the prayer, stood in that same prayer crying for you.⁣

Everything is going to be okay, I promise.⁣

Sha’ban 27th, 1440⁣

May 3rd, 2019⁣

Your brother,⁣

Arthur K. Richards

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