Ramadan Reflection #6

Today was Friday and the Jumu’ah prayer. I remember hearing our teacher mention that the Imam isn’t just a person who gives the khutbah, he is a man that is in the position of the Prophet. He is undertaking a massive role.⁣

He is there to inspire, to uplift, and to remind the people of their duty towards their Creator. ⁣

He is there to remind you and me about this blessed month that we are in, and to encourage us to take the maximum benefit from it.⁣

During the khutbah, the audio went out, and due to the size of the masjid and the number of people, we couldn’t hear him make the takbir. There ended up being a bit of confusion as to where we were in the prayer. Not to mention some others in the prayer started saying the takbir which further confused everyone. ⁣

Some people stood, while others stayed sitting. ⁣

Half the congregation did one thing while the others didn’t.⁣

The audio eventually came back, and we finished the prayer. In the end, the Imam explained to everyone how the prayer should work if something like that were to happen again.⁣

What did I learn from it?⁣

Look how much of a mess we are in when we can no longer hear the voice of our Creator. When we can no longer follow His injunctions. When we become distracted by the voices of others. ⁣

There is a beauty in having a leader, but even more so when that leader knows what he is doing and the mantle he is taking up. ⁣

May God bless our leaders and help us to follow them.⁣

May God help us to follow Him, to listen to Him, and to submit to His greatness.

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