Ramadan Reflection #9

Ramadan Reflection #9

The internet has really made our means of connecting so different. A few days into Ramadan I jumped onto LaunchGood, made a campaign on behalf of Penny Appeal USA and asked God to bless it.

Not even 4 days later the initial goal was reached, and I was astounded!

“Damn, is the family of believers just that awesome?!”

The answer is yes, an emphatic and profound yes!

Not only did we reach the initial goal, but we raised another 5k, and you guys still seem to be giving.

The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ during the month of Ramadan was increasingly generous, and I have to be honest that all of you seem to be exemplifying that beautiful prophetic attribute.

While I know we would easily reach 30k or even 50k this Ramadan, I think I would like to ask you all to do me a favor and support the various campaigns that folks like Wali Khan are sharing on behalf of Helping Hands, or today DearChereen shared on behalf of YaqeenInstitute.

Or check out the man that first taught me the Quran, Imam WisamSharieff who is also raising funds over on LaunchGood with a campaign entitled, memorise the Quran.

I received my first check today from work, and before I even withdraw anything to pay any bills, I’m taking just a few dollars out and donating towards all three of these initiatives.


Because it’s Ramadan and I know I can use the good deeds. I know I need to purify the little wealth that I have, and I’m hoping that maybe, just maybe I can encourage you all to do more than you thought you could this Ramadan.

Oh and I just donated $25 to support Muslim Women over at Rabata.

So this Ramadan…see what you can do to support the fantastic initiatives going on around the world. See how you can put your money where your mouth is. I’ve just listed a few great projects, but there are hundreds more.

Do what you can, and ask God to accept from you.

And thank you for being amazing, I love you all, my family of believers.

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