Ramadan Reflection #11

Where is the time going? How are we about to start the 11th day already?

The first third of the sacred month has already left us and in no time we will be lamenting on how quickly the month left us as well.

If there is one thing that I need to connect with during this month it’s the word of God.

The beautiful words of the Divine.

The words that send shivers up one’s spine.

The words to which our hearts incline and when recited make our souls shine.

As I walked through the tight alleyways of old Cairo, my shoulders brushed against textiles of every color and texture.

I saw one reoccurring image.

The Quran.

Everyone was reading it, and everyone was listening to it.

And it reminded me that this is the month in which it was revealed, and this is the month that I ought to push myself a bit more to exemplify the teachings found in it, to live a life whereby my family can say about me as our mother Aisha said when they came knocking on her door.

Qatada narrated,

“I said to Aisha, ‘O mother of the believers, tell me about the character of the Messenger of God’”

Aisha said, “Have you not read the Quran?”

I said, “O course.”

Aisha said, “Verily, the character of the Prophet of God was the Quran.”

Oh God, make this month amazing for us.

Make this month a month of forgiveness for us.

Make this month a month where we learn to serve and love one another.

Make this month where my actions fall in line with every line that beautifies the book you sent down to us.


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