Social Media, does it control us?

Social Media is powerful, probably even more potent than some of us can currently fathom. It can sway hearts or potentially damage them. In seconds something that happened in a remote village could be shared with millions, and something that happened in front of hundreds could be forever ingrained in your mind at the push of a button.

It’s that powerful.

And for that very reason, it is increasingly important to know what you’re consuming and to ask the question of, “Why” you are consuming it.

When I look at what we consume, I’m confused as to how it all became worthy of the attention span of the Muslim.

To make it worse, we defend the superficialness, the ignorance, the entertainment that has no purpose other than increasing a person’s income.

We don’t pushback against those that wish to keep us down in our spirituality or knowledge.

Well, we need to.

It’s not okay for our brothers and sisters to be dying in Sudan, and the only tears we shed are those of intense laughter from the last video that popped up in our feed.

It’s not okay to be questioning God’s laws because some Instafamous couple (that should never have been famous to begin with) did something that many disagreed with. Especially when everything they’ve done from the beginning should have been opposed.

We are culture creators, not creators of foolishness.

We are an Ummah, and from our hands come civilizations, not ruin.

We are servants that tear down Towers of Babel to create Kaabahs where the world circle around worshipping their Lord.

We don’t create simply to sell.

We don’t mindlessly consume.

We are Muslims, and every single person reading this has a role to play.


Here’s a little exercise,

Go through your friend’s list, the accounts that you follow, and the websites that you visit and ask yourself,

“Does this page make me a better Muslim?”

And if it doesn’t. . . You know what to do.

Go against the crowd and follow the path to the Divine.


  • Agreed with a lot, but to clarify, is the closing question meant to limit our interests to Islamic-themed stuff only?


  • Assalamu Alaykum Yacoob. Apologies for the delay in responding! This is an excellent question that you’ve asked. I don’t look at Islam as a monolithic way of life that is devoid of anything that doesn’t share its title. Meaning, there may be non-Muslims, atheists, herbologists, scientists, actors, shows, D.I.Y pages, ​and so much that actualize many of the values that are in alignment with our faith.

    What we should stay away from are those things that directly go against our values, whether they be Muslim or not. I hope that clarifies my stance, and by the way, I really appreciate you reading the blog and your question here!

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  • I figured you meant broadly, but I wanted you to confirm here. I know some people interpret things in a fairly narrow-minded or simplistic way, and for those who read this, they may perceive your advice as asking them to drop everything else that’s not explicitly ‘Islamic’. When the reality is that there should be no division between ‘secular’ and ‘Islamic’… the source of knowledge is all the same, and we are all one species. We have to see ourselves as part of the larger human family and aim to be of benefit to everyone…not insular and only concerned with our own communities and religious issues and debates.

    So, thank you for clarifying


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